Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Update resources

I updated my resource page on my website.

There are updates for:

Every now and then, I need nesting software. And a free and good nesting program is hard to find. I use nestlib because it's the best I could find.

Wolfram Mathematica is a more professional take on producing animated geometric constellations. I used Mathematica to develop a pumping-thing generator. This software is not easy to learn and the version for hobbyists and enthusiasts costs $300.

Tinckercad from Autodesk is a free and online 3D modeling program. I prefer working with SketchUp but I use Tinckercad to prepare solids for 3D printing.
I've ordered quite a lot of 3D prints from i.materialise, the online 3D printing service from Materialise. I'm happy every time.

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